Tracing ECU Pinout

When i have plan to swapping my Suzuki Vitara Carburetor Engine with EFI Engine, i need right ECU or Engine Control Unit. It's difficult to find Suzuki Vitara genuine ECU here. So i found closest alternative from Suzuki Baleno mk3, part number 33920-60GB1 . Both have same engine type, and same injector configuration. My engine is old version, it's have 2 injector on at once. Main problem is, i didnt find any information about this ECU pinout. Tracing it one by one is almost impossible. With some guts, i try to open ECU casing, and found pinout label printed on pcb. And after comparing with several Suzuki Baleno Workshop Manual, i found each pinout function. Show in picture #I0 = Injector 3 & 4 ISC = IAC Valve EGR = EGR Valve OXH = Heated Oxygen Sensor FP = Fuel Pump Relay RFC = Radiator Fan Control Relay GC = Blank PSS = Power Steering Pressure Switch STA = Starter Magnetic Switch +B1 = Power Source E1 = Ground Next time i will post my homebrew ECU.


Open up G16A 16V engine

Sunday afternoon, just preparing for engine disassembly. This is Suzuki G16A 16V MPFI. I will use this engine for replacing G16A 8V on my Suzuki Vitara. After remove belt cover very clean.. just little oil deposit.. engine valve cover.. almighty camshaft... not complet disassembly, maybe next week...


Rear Brake Problem

One day, i found vitara rear brake is not working well, when at parking position, brake pad always stick on it's drum, and brake oil tank need to fill at least half tank, once a week. So it must leakage problem. Rubber boot problem...... After open brake drum, i replace master brake piston seal, and its rubber boot. Just make sure the rubber boot is good and tight. I buy rubber boot for Isuzu Panther at nearest shop. It's hard, and tight enough for Vitara master brake cylinder.