Ijen Crater

Ijen crater is one of the biggest volcano lake in the world. First post on coffe plantation Narrow and wet Proud owner of the Suzuki Vitara 1992. Stop for waterfall Sulfuric Acid Waterfall To the summit Irrigation home, full of vandalism Sulfur mining collection house. Ijen crater Baby high, Jetro at 2380 above sea level. With the proud member of W+


How to open engine center bolt

Center bolt, crankshaft bolt, or everything you named it. It's the hardest bolt on the engine. Always painful when we want to open it. On my Suzuki G16A Workshop Book, it's have Tightening Torque around 130Nm which mean very hard to open.When your engine still mounted on engine bay, it's not very difficult to open. Just follow your manual. But if your engine is not on engine bay, you will cry for help. What if you want to open it by yourself ? without help from your friend ?. I found the answer easily. Just mount your engine to your wall with bolt. and push your wrench hard..Its the cheapest engine stand. Bolt is 10mm dynabolt. Use transmision bolt hole for pattern.